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We all love Christmas, but let’s face it, by the end you feel like you have you’ve been doing too much of everything. I mean, no one wants to feel deprived at Christmas but more often than now it’s the battle of the belly blowout.

But entering into the silly season doesn’t have to be about overindulgence. By making a few small and simple changes that will take the load off your body - you can not only maintain your waist-line but also come out the other side of Christmas feeling healthy. Some of these make great gift ideas too!

Here are my 10 tips and tricks for optimizing your health while not compromising the festivities.

Tip 1: Over indulge for just 2 days instead of 5

Most of you will be looking forward to eating whatever you want. That’s fine but reduce the number of days to go for it! The other thing that is of prime importance is that you keep some sort of exercise regime going. This could be by starting the day off with a long walk, that way when you restart after the hols, your momentum won’t be lost.

Tip 2: Herbal Digestive Tea after or with meals

The next few tips all have to do with digestion. Assisting the digestive processes will be one sure way to help that food is being broken down easily and that means less load on the body. Herbhub’s digestive tea containing herbs that help kick off digestion will help reduce that feelings of bloating after big meals.

Tip 3: Take the overload off the liver

Yes you know it….it’s the liver which really gets a workout over Christmas. That’s why taking a herbal tonic specifically designed to assist your liver will leave you feeling more energized and vital. Now that’s a good thing isn’t it!!! Too much champagne, beer and spirits overload the liver and prevent it from detoxing the body effectively. That can make you feel sluggish and seedy. Liver Detox Tonic taken in the morning and before you go to bed will reclaim your life each festive day. Our liver detox tea is also a winner as it can be sipped in between meals.

Tip 4: Let Sparkling Water be the hero

Did you know that alternating drinks by replacing grog with sparkling water or coconut water will not only lower your intake of calories but steer you into making better food choices. Research shows that alcohol lowers your ability to "say no" when tempted by unhealthy food choices. A squeeze of lime and lemon with mint or grated ginger and lemon can make a refreshing drink as well as a healthy alternative.

Tip 5: Keep those Kidneys working

Probably the most important thing to do during all the festivities is keep hydrated. This helps to flush toxins out of the kidneys and body as a result of overindulgence. Adequate kidney function is imperative to best avoid fluid retention as a result of over consumption of food and grog. Kidney detox tea is the perfect way to maximize kidney function and keep those urinary tract infections at bay.

Tip 6: Regularity is the key to that light feeling

There are several ways to encourage bowl regularity for those of you who experience sluggishness when away from home or during change of diet. Of course any sort of digestive or liver detox tea will be a good first step but for those of you who really want some serious help then I recommend a constipation herbal along with the Herbal Fibre Formula. Each product comes complete with simple instructions just for you.

Tip 7: Manage your emotions

For some of us, Christmas can bring up old emotions as we are reunited with our family. This can lead to stress and make us prone to emotional eating. If you catch yourself reaching chocolate and mince pies (despite being full) after a trying day with the relatives, use Elevation Oil as a way to uplift your spirits and look on the brighter side. This oil will help you to keep strong by uplifting you and helping you take the higher ground during these trying situations. It also makes a fabulous gift as it is a beautiful smelling oil and can be worn as a perfume too. For more targeted help use one or a mix of several Australian Bush Flower Essences to tackle the recurring issues before Christmas get-togethers.

Tip 8: Veggies add colour and healthy variety

Barbeque veggies are a colourful and healthy alternative the traditional roast veggies. A platter with BBQ asapragus, squash, zuchinni, eggplant and capsicum sprinkled with lightly barbequed halumi cheese looks appetizing and is less problematic for your waistline. Drizzle olive oil and topping it with parsley and lemon wedges will make it a hit all round.

Tip 9: Watch those carbs!

It is the Glycemic Index (GI) that rates a carbohydrate according to its effect on our blood glucose levels. Choosing the carbohydrates that produce only small fluctuations in blood glucose/insulin levels is key here. It is the secret to long-term health and to sustainable weight loss. By swapping roast potato for sweet potato or by using low GI bread or seasoned cauliflower instead of regular breadcrumbs you can significantly reduce your glycemic load. To help your body to tackle the Christmas GI loading take Glyc Balance Herbal. This assists the body to balance blood sugar and also contains herbs that are known to encourage weight loss.

Tip 10: Get enough sleep

With lots of office parties and late night Christmas events it is important to make sure you are getting enough sleep. When we don’t get enough sleep, our body releases a hormone that increases our appetite and also our craving for sugary foods. Eight hours of sleep each night will keep your body revitalized and balanced. If you have problems sleeping, try a cup of Sweet Dreams Tea.

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