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Immune Booster Viral Tonic

Immune Booster Viral Tonic

This tonic has been specifically formulated to target viral infection and also to boost the immune system as a precautionary and proactive defense around infectious diseases. 


It contains many herbs that work synergystically to give you added immune protection while at the same time reducing expression and severity of viruses. 


Some of these herbs include:

Echinacea - Increases activity of lymphocytes and therefore boosts the immune system. 

Andrographis - antiviral and immune system support.

Mullein - opens airways and assists to clear lungs from mucous build up

Elecampagne - lung expectorant and known to assist with excess fluid on lungs in illnesses such as pheumonia.

Chamomile - calms repetitive cough and may assist to reduce fever.


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